How to get compensated if a delayed flight made you miss your cruise

Your flight got delayed, and now you missed your cruise! What is next?

Flight delays do happen; however, they can ruin a lot of things and make you lose hard-earned money that you spent on something that you wanted to experience. If your delayed flight made you miss a cruise, you may not know what to do next. You can try to get compensation for losing a journey for something that was out of your control. Here are a few suggestions that you can try to get the refund that you need.


Hopefully you are equipped with travelers insurance before the flight delay made you miss your cruise. If you have not gone on the plane or cruise yet, you should try getting insurance right away because the ship and the plane could be unpredictable. Your flight may not get delayed but your cruise could get delayed or canceled.

There are traveler insurance packages that you can get that will cover both sea and land travel. This will help you a lot if one or the other gets delayed. For instance, if the flight delay makes you miss the cruise, you can have the insurance cover you for the nights you missed on the ship. Just make sure that the insurance company also includes other common problems like mechanical issues with the plane or ship.

Cruise Fare

Many people get their flights and cruise tickets together, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing. If the ticket you got was like that, the delayed flight might not pose that big of an issue for you. You might be able to join another plane that will take you to the next port of the cruise so you can join them later in the day.

Ask The Cruise Line

If you are not able to get a refund or compensation from the airline itself, you could get compensated from the cruise line. They might either replace the ticket or give you money to make up for what happened to you. However, this compensation is not always guaranteed.

Know the Ports

Unfortunately, if you did not get a ticket that cruise fare or have travelers insurance, you might not have a lot of options leftover. If you have the cash on hand to do so, you can try to catch another flight that will bring you to the ship port. This will help let you join the cruise, but there is no compensation. You should get compensated for missing a great journey by asking for help from AirClaim.

What Is AirClaim?

AirClaim is an online business that aims to make sure travelers get the compensation that they should get when something is out of the passenger’s hands. If you end up missing an amazing cruise because a flight got delayed and it was not your fault, you should get compensation. AirClaim helps you get more compensation than what you expected for a delayed flight that cost you a cruise.